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Digital Marketing

Your digital strategy is more than your website.

It’s about maximizing your impact across every digital touch point with your existing and potential audience. Screole is unique in being able to bring together business, digital strategy, online sales, marketing and technology to achieve big results faster.

Our recommendations include:

  • High level of ambition with a clear strategic vision
  • Ability to execute a realistic, solid, measurable business plan

Our experience and convictions bring a specific expertise, combined with in-depth knowledge of web and mobile mechanisms. We know what works and what doesn’t. We focus and deliver results that impact the bottom line-fast. Contact us today to discuss how we can help fast-track your business. We create and design digital marketing campaigns from scratch, stand-alone or interlocked with classic campaigns. We always focus on efficiently addressing the users and handle performance measurement. We devote ourselves to the positioning of brands and campaigns on social media platforms and interactive designs that creates identity.

Key features

Brand development & branding
Campaign creation (display advertising, mobile marketing, social media,…)
Channel strategies
Corporate design (print, digital, TV, advertising)
Content strategies
Creation and implementation of landing-pages & promotional sites
Market analysis
Multi-device strategies
Performance controlling
Social media strategies
Success analysis


Advanced Measurements

We use advanced measuring models like different attribution models, custom segmentation variables, offline conversions etc. tells us precisely which type of marketing effort works best in terms of achieving best results.


Every campaign, target or ad- you always know exactly how much you’re spending and your returns. This way you also get clear view and understanding of activities that works best for your business.

ROI Oriented

We are focused on the bottom line result, to give monetary value to consumer action and show you the campaign ROI in terms of leads and/or purchases. We know how to measure everything and optimize in a way that achieves the best possible ROI.